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Manufacturers in Portage are always interested in creating a more efficient work environment in order to optimize productivity and increase their bottom lines—without sacrificing on quality. Since 1969, MIDACO has been the trusted manufacturing company for a wide selection of quality automatic pallet changers, including innovative trunnion system add-ons that improve the versatility and performance of your machinery.

With superior engineering and exclusive solutions built to fit new machines or to be retrofitted on existing products, our trunnion systems are the ideal add-on for your automatic pallet changer. At MIDACO, we believe in providing high-quality solutions that are affordable and guaranteed to last, and we can assist you with finding the right components for enhancing your Portage manufacturing application.

Innovative Trunnion System for 4th-Axis Machining

On their own, pallet changers can speed up production and cut down on overhead costs with operators and quality-control concerns, but our trunnion system for 4th-axis machining is the ideal automatic pallet changer add-on when you want the best in exceptional performance. When working with MIDACO to retrofit your existing pallet changer or purchase a new product to fit your needs, you can choose trunnion systems that come with:

  • Increased versatility with the addition of a Vertical Rotary Faceplate (VRF)
  • No cable management design with automatic transferring
  • Seamless integration with new and existing pallet changers
  • Horizontal on vertical machining on up to five sides of the part

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When you want unparalleled quality and innovation to enhance the daily operations of your manufacturing facility, MIDACO is the top US-based manufacturer for delivering superior pallet changers, trunnion system add-ons, and more. Request additional information on our expansive product lines by giving us a call today, or get started with a free estimate and consultation now by filling out our simple online form.