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Great production tool!

This addition to our VF2SSYT machines has vastly improved our production abilities! The extra pallet allows us to keep loading the machine while the spindle is making us money! No spindle downtime = more money! Thanks Midaco!

Midaco Corporation

Awesome, Steven! Thanks for sharing how well the MIDACO Pallet Changer is working for you. Keep the chips flying and put more money in the bank!

Midaco PC

Excellent!!! The Midaco PC was a great addition to our new Haas VF4 SS. The pallet changer allows us to run parts continually; we hope to add more in the future.

Midaco Corporation

From the team at Duo CNC Machining Inc. https://www.duocnc.ca/ Thanks sharing your experience, Terrance.

Midaco Pallet Changers

Midaco is simply the best when it comes to pallet changers on our CNC machines. We rarely have any issues, quality is top notch. When service is needed, they are always there to help us through any issue we are having. There product has helped us achieve maximum output from out CNCs and I would only refer Midaco to anyone asking.

Midaco Corporation

We appreciate your business, Sean. Thanks for the great feedback.

DM-1 & Midaco Pallet Changer.

Marriage between our DM-1 and Midaco Pallet changer is very successful. It is fast, and do not leave a lot more to desire. Increase in productivity is tremendous. In our set up it takes about 1 minute to 1 pallet, and about 2-3 minutes to reload it. Midaco Pallet Changer is bringing us substantial savings compare to running it without changer, and huge savings compare to manual machining. Another awesome advantage is with ease of operation. There is no need to lean in to machine and try to work in small and tiny space. All reloads are done in maximum comfort. Since we get set up last year we had to move to new location. Disassembly and assembly went smooth and easy. Both steps done under 2 hours. Setup in action: https://youtu.be/_XqWz65t5p0

Midaco Corporation

Thank you for the great feedback and sharing a video of the Midaco Pallet Changer working with your HAAS DM-1.

Works great for our job shop!

We have a Midaco pallet changer on our Haas DM2. It’s been a good experience, it integrated easily with the Haas control and has given a huge boon to our productivity. Easy to program and easy to use.

Midaco Corporation

We appreciate the feedback and are very pleased to hear about your productivity increase! Thanks for the review.

Mike F.

We just installed our second pallet machine with another Haas DM1 each time it has been a smooth install. During the second install Midaco even looked our original machine over and made adjustments due to us moving the machine to make room for the new machine. The service and tech departments are awesome to work with and usually get us running with just some help over the phone. We Recommend Midaco to everyone we talk with!

Midaco Corporation

Great to hear, Mike! Thanks for the feedback.

productivity and service

This has been a great add to our HASS VF4 SS. It allows us to load and unload parts and keep the machine cutting. Call service and they answer and have an answer for your issue.

Midaco Corporation

We appreciate your feedback on the Midaco Pallet Changer, Mike. Our goal is to keep your HAAS machining center making parts for you without idle time.

Correct choice

Good People, friendly staff, knowledgeable, not to mention the install peeps are excellent and fast. if you have the space Pallet changers are the correct choice. we have 7 Midacos and we recommend. unless you want to be slow and not competitive. than open the doors and take your time. :) Geo

Midaco Corporation

Thanks for the feedback, George! We are pleased to make your machine shop more competitive with our Pallet Changer Systems. We have a Need for Speed!

very happy customer

From the installation tech to use of the pallet system, I am very pleased with how well these work. Very user friendly and i would recommend to anyone that can keep the machine running and could utilize the pallet system!

Midaco Corporation

Thanks Jacob! We're pleased to hear about your experience with our installer. We know your new Midaco Automatic Pallet Changer Systems will keep your VMCs working hard for you.

Works Great

Running pallet changer for 2 years 24 hrs / 5 days. System works great. High volume production over 25,000 pallet change cycles so far.

Midaco Corporation

That's great to hear, Shane. We are happy you are getting the most out of your A5020SD Automatic Pallet Changer with an additional Trunnion System for 4th axis machining without the need for cable management on your VMC. Thank you for the feedback!

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