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Installed on a DNM4500

This is our first experience with a third party pallet change system and I have to say we love it. It's easy to operate, way quicker than the downtime of loading parts, and ergonomic. The installation was smooth and the Midaco tech was very professional and thorough. This won't be my last Midaco purchase

Midaco Corporation

Thanks for the great feedback, Jeremy. We'll pass your "kudos" on to our service and installation team. We have a fantastic bunch and they know their stuff. We are confident you will get many productive years and efficient through put on your DNM4500 with the MIDACO Pallet Changer.

Making our work flow smoothly

Before we had a pallet changer we had to run our large parts in 2 operations. This meant we had to run 2000 of op 1 and then change the machine over to op 2 and run them through again. Our floor became congested trying to keep this many large parts staged. Now that we installed a pallet changer, we are able to complete op 1 and 2 on each part, put them in a box and send out to finishing right away. Our floor is no longer congested, and we are saving on cycle time by unloading/loading during the other machining operation.

Midaco Corporation

Thank you, Aaron! We are more than happy to have helped improve your process and make things more efficient. Great to hear!

Thanks for the great product!

We have 5 machines with the A40SD dual pallet changers and absolutely love what they have done for our production – no stopping to open doors – just pure uninterrupted cutting. They pair up well with our Doosan machines as well as the Okuma machines. Thanks for the great product! - Mark Chupp, Gen-Y Tech, Nappanee IN


The Midaco Pallet changer has helped ramp up production in many benefits. While the machine is running a set of parts, the operator is capable to safely secure another set, eliminating downtime on the CNC. Excellent product

Midaco Corporation

Thank you for sharing your experience with MIDACO, Hector. We appreciate the feedback.

MIDACO Pallet Changer

The pallet changer has been a very effective tool to aid in our production. We can now go faster than the machine cycle times! A++++ product.

Midaco Corporation

Fantastic! It's great having parts loaded and ready to go before the cycle is over. Thanks for the A++++ review!

MIDACO Pallet changer

Midaco Pallet changer is working great for us. The Midaco PC was the perfect addition to our Haas machine. Excellent decision. Outstanding performance!

Midaco Corporation

Thank you, Assy. We are so pleased to hear how the Pallet Changer is working for you.

Great product

We installed our Midaco pallet changer five months ago and our spindle uptime went from 40% to 82%. The operators are happy with the performance of the unit and we are planning to add another pallet changer in 2023.

Midaco Corporation

Thanks Alan! That's a substantial increase in your spindle up-time. - Bruno's Independent Living Aids Inc., in Oconomowoc WI. www.bruno.com

Midaco Auto Door + Cobot

The addition of a Midaco Automatic Door System allowed us to fully automate a CNC lathe cell with a collaborative robot. The Midaco installation was professional and quick, less than a full work day. We are also able to human operate the Auto Door via push buttons when not using the robot.

Midaco Corporation

Thank you for your feedback, Matt! We appreciate the review and pics you shared.

Great production tool!

This addition to our VF2SSYT machines has vastly improved our production abilities! The extra pallet allows us to keep loading the machine while the spindle is making us money! No spindle downtime = more money! Thanks Midaco!

Midaco Corporation

Awesome, Steven! Thanks for sharing how well the MIDACO Pallet Changer is working for you. Keep the chips flying and put more money in the bank!

Midaco PC

Excellent!!! The Midaco PC was a great addition to our new Haas VF4 SS. The pallet changer allows us to run parts continually; we hope to add more in the future.

Midaco Corporation

From the team at Duo CNC Machining Inc. https://www.duocnc.ca/ Thanks sharing your experience, Terrance.

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