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Industrial Vacuums For CNC

Midaco M740VOS 280L Industrial Vacuum clening CNC machine fluid from tray

MIDACO's Industrial CNC Chip Vacuum Systems are designed to meet the extraction and recovery needs for coolant, oils and emulsions with efficient filtration of metal chips, allowing for easy disposal or quick coolant and oil recovery and reintegration back into the machine.

The average time needed for an operator to empty, clean and reintegrate the oil emulsified inside a machining center is roughly four hours, which can be cut in half by using a MIDACO CNC Industrial Vacuum System

What this means is MIDACO's system is cutting downtime and maintenance cost by saving on cleaning resources, increasing the lifetime of lubricants and increasing operator safety, as well as convenience of use. 

150 micron PPL filter for fine chips

Midaco M264V 100L Industrial Vacuum front and back showing filter basket

The vacuum separates materials as they enter into the solids container, where a separator basket of micro-perforated carbon steel filters chips. Very fine chips are removed with an added 150 micron PPL filter, while liquid is separated from solids and drawn into the tank for easy draining or reintegration. 

Available in 100L, 280L and 500L. Flow reversal and a separate liquid reintegration feature available on select models. 

MIDACO's CNC Industrial Vacuum Systems come in four varieties in three sizes - 100L M264V Industrial Vacuum, 100L M264VOS Industrial Vacuum with Flow Inversion, 280L M740VOS Industrial Vacuum with Flow Inversion and the 500L M1320V Industrial Vacuum with Flow Inversion

Each operates between 3-3.9 kW and at either 4 or 5.2 horsepower. 

CNC Chip Fan

Midaco CNC Chip Fan 2 sizes

MIDACO's CNC Chip Fan, which comes in 4.5" and 2.5" sizes, offer a more efficient way to clear debris from tables and surfaces during dry machining production without composing labor and machine time, maximizing efficiency and return on investment.

Available in two sizes: 4.5" & 2.5"

Regular maintenance of a CNC machine is essential to a business' productivity and investment. Constant chip removal and coolant cleaning is one of the most important aspects of CNC machine maintenance to avoid damage to equipment and lowered product quality. 

Integrates right into your machine's tool magazine 

Midaco CNC Chip Fan in position inside VMC

Different from conventional air clearing methods that have been historically used to clear away chips, MIDACO chip-clearing fans are designed for use with CNC tools and can be integrated right into your company's machines for smooth automation into the tool magazine. 

MIDACO's fan blades rotate at 5,000-8,000 RPM up to 6,000-12,000 RPM, depending on the chip fan size, to remove debris automatically, eliminating the need for the operator to halt production intermittently to maintain the machine by hand. 

The system is built to last with durable, US 4140 steel and glass fiber-reinforced nylon and are a faster, safer alternative to other chip-clearing mechanisms. 

CAUTION: For enclosed machines ONLY

Midaco CNC Chip Fan blowing coolant and chips off parts inside VMC

The fans are for us in enclosed machines and eliminate the need to pause production for maintenance. The system offers smooth low-volume functionality.

This long-term, durable investment is easily integrated into your CNC machinery and offers a step closer to complete automation to remove idle time on your machining floor to improve both productivity and profits, making sure your time is spent on the parts of your business that make you the most money.

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