High Performance Productivity

At Forgeline Wheels, racing isn’t just a business—it’s a true passion. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, they’ve been the driving force behind motorsport wheels, and their commitment to precision engineering and innovation is unwavering.

Dave Schardt, the President of Forgeline Wheels, sets the tone: “We’ve been producing motorsport wheels for over 30 years exclusively on HAAS machines. We are on professional race cars all across the world and also on some of the top high-performance street cars and performance cars.”

Unattended MIDACO Pallet Changer Doubles Production

Todd LaRue, Product Engineer at Forgeline, sheds light on the production process: “A lot of our parts run up to 4-hour cycle times. We added a MIDACO Pallet Changer [to an existing 2016 HAAS VF-5 in November 2022], and it allows us to run four [monoblock] wheels unattended at night, every night. In some cases, it doubles our production.” This strategic move, integrating MIDACO Pallet Changers, showcases Forgeline’s commitment to efficiency and innovation.

Game-Changing Results with Monoblock Wheels

In an industry where every ounce matters, the monoblock wheel has become a game-changer. Dave Schardt explains, “In high-performance racing, it’s not always about lightweight; they obviously need to be lightweight, but they also need to be very stiff, and that monoblock wheel is going to give you that stiffness.”

The pursuit of the perfect combination of lightweight construction and structural rigidity led them to introduce monoblock wheels in 2010—a pivotal moment. This shift in focus propelled monoblocks to constitute 50% of Forgeline’s business today.

Made in the USA

In a world where manufacturing origin matters, Dave Schardt underscores Forgeline’s commitment to US manufacturing:

“All of our raw materials, everything, all of our forgings, our bolts, I don’t care what it is we put in the wheel, it’s all sourced in the United States. We’re not sourcing material from anywhere other than the USA.”

The fact that both MIDACO and HAAS machines are built in the USA aligns seamlessly with Forgeline’s mission to be synonymous with top-notch American craftsmanship.

Innovation Excellence from Design to Manufacturing

The synergy between Forgeline Wheels and MIDACO Pallet Changers on HAAS machines is a testament to their commitment to excellence, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of being at the forefront of motorsport technology.

As they continue to push boundaries, Forgeline Wheels remains a driving force, not just on the racetrack but in shaping the future of high-performance wheel engineering.

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