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Reduce Bench Grinder Hazards and Increase Operator Safety Protection

Operator grinding part on bench grinder with orange protective shield in machine shopThe GRINDER GUARD® and GRIT-GRABBER™ Dust collection System is designed for use with virtually all grinders and buffers. This universal design offers significant advantages in minimizing the hazards and debris associated with bench and pedestal 5” to 12” diameter grinders and buffers. PDF Brochure

Usually a shop’s grinder is kept in a far corner out of the way of other machinery and assembly zones. Due to less than optimum lighting conditions in tucked away areas, an operator may flip or move the protective grinder shield for a better view while working – increasing the risk of injury. The GRINDER GUARD® has a full-length, tamper-resistant, stationary shield to help reduce the risk. It is designed to mount underneath the base of the grinder eliminating the ability for the operator to remove it. Illuminated with a 24” light, the chip-resistant polycarbonate shield increases operator safety and visibility. Complete systems with grinders are also available.

Additionally, grinding dust is propelled through the shop environment degrading the air quality as well as making a mess with dust particles being tracked throughout the shop floor. Increasing shop safety and cleanliness is always a priority. The GRIT-GRABBER™ is a combination dust collector and pedestal equipped with a heavy-duty sealed bearing motor, with a CFM exhaust level exceeding OSHA’s minimum, to quietly capture the debris. The easily replaced or cleaned collection filter is made up of 3 grades of treated, flame retardant filter material to offer maximum performance and reduction in the amount of dust and grit discharged into the work area.  An aluminum mesh screen “spark arrestor” is included and sits on top of the filter.


Unlike conventional dust collectors for grinders and buffers, MIDACO’s GRINDER GUARD® and GRIT-GRABBER™ offers significant benefits making it a cost effective investment in machine shop productivity. 

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