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MIDACO Pallet Changer Accessories 

In addition to setting the industry standard in quality pallet changers, MIDACO produces a wide range of products to maximize the potential its systems can bring to your machining floor.

Tool Shelf for Automatic Pallet Changer

MIDACO CNC Tool Shelf for Automatic Pallet Changers

Keep tools within reach while loading parts onto the pallet. The MIDACO CNC Tool Shelf is designed to fit conveniently along any side of the MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changer on your VMC. This handy tool holder comes as a set of two (2) 11” x 13” trays with rubber liners (tools not included) and is made of powder coated steel for exceptional durability. Conveniently place one CNC tool tray on each side of the Automatic Pallet Changer and always have your tools at your fingertips. Fits Automatic Pallet Changer Models A16SD to A80SD.

Splash Guard Shield for CNC Chip and Coolant on Automatic Pallet Changer

Midaco Splash Guard Wall CNC Chip and Coolant Containment Shield

The MIDACO CNC Chip and Coolant Splash Guard Shield is designed to keep chips and coolant-splash from blowing onto the floor or the other pallet while cleaning parts with an air-hose nozzle. This rigid steel frame, with Lexan shield divider, mounts along the center of MIDACO’s Automatic Pallet Changer Shuttle, in between the pallets. Easily retrofits onto existing Automatic Pallet Changers from A16SDA30SDA40SDAS50SD, A50SD & A60SD Series, and is ideally paired with the MIDACO Blow-Off Nozzle Kit.

Blow-off Nozzle Kit for CNC Chip and Coolant Cleaning

Midaco Blow Off Nozzle Kit attached to Automatic Pallet Changer for CNC chip cleaning

With MIDACO’s Blow-Off Nozzle Kit, keep not just your machining systems but your machining floor safe and clutter free by keeping your air hoses off the floor while easily cleaning off your parts and machining systems.

Each kit includes a set of two lever-action blow-off nozzles mounted on both the left and right side of the pallet changer and is fitted with a pilot return valve, fittings and a quick-disconnect system. Take advantage of uninterrupted air-flow at a wide range with the standard ¼" diameter, 25-foot reinforced coil line integrated directly into the existing air line of the pallet changer it is installed on.

MIDACO can eliminate the hassle of installation by integrating the kit into a new MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changer in the factory, but our innovative design allows for an easy install process on an existing system as well.

Midaco Shelf Rail Kit for pallet storage on customer supplied shelf unit

Shelf Rail Kit for Pallet Storage

When you’re done cleaning up the machining centers and the pieces MIDACO has made easier to produce, MIDACO’s Shelf Rail Kits (A16SDA30SD & A40SD and AS50SD) can fit a variety of pallets and pallet sizes and are used with a customer-supplied storage rack to make storage and transfer easier than ever.

The kits provide convenient dedicated pallet and receiver storage with easy transfer along rollers and are available for A16SD, A30SD, A40SD and AS50SD pallets.

Midaco Touch Probe Mounting Kit Bracket

Touch Probe Mounting Kit

MIDACO also makes it easier to integrate a touch probe into your machining process with its Touch Probe Mounting Kit, which includes a C or Z shape bracket for mounting a touch probe in order to accommodate the pallet changer receiver and pallet mounted on your vertical machining center table. 

Midaco Laser Adjustment Tool for Light Curtains on Automatic Pallet Changers

Laser Adjustment Tool for Light Curtains

MIDACO's Laser Adjustment Tool is the solution for maintaining accurate laser beam alignments for Light Curtain guarding on Automatic Pallet Changer Systems.

CNC Chip Fans

Midaco CNC Chip Fan 2 sizes

CNC Chip Fan, which comes in 4.5" and 2.5" sizes, offer a more efficient way to clear debris from tables and surfaces during dry machining production without composing labor and machine time, maximizing efficiency and return on investment.

All of this comes with our guarantee to consistently strive for quality in excellence in product design, manufacturing and service to our worldwide customers and have cemented our place as leaders in the industry due to our premier products and unmatched customer service.

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