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It’s not always the large investments that help Bloomington manufacturers get to the next level of productivity. Sometimes, it’s possible to minimize downtime with a small adjustment to your processes, such as adding automatic door systems to your existing machining centers, turning centers, and other CNC manufacturing equipment.

Since 1969, MIDACO has been helping manufacturers boost productivity. Our exceptional products have made us the industry leader, and we work with companies around the world. Use our Payoff Calculator to get an idea of how much you could save by implementing some of our Bloomington manufacturing solutions!

Bloomington Automatic Door Openers for CNC Equipment

Downtime is a frustrating part of manufacturing, but our automatic door openers for CNC equipment can help. MIDACO has automatic door systems to suit all types of machines, whether you need a brand-new system or retrofitting to your existing equipment. Choose from double doors or a single door with sizes ranging from 18” to 96”. This machine tool automation add-on can be operated in manual or automatic mode, and it boasts the following features:

  • Smart System interfaces with machine’s control.
  • If there is an obstruction, the sensing edge causes the door to reverse.
  • Convenient reset button to recover from an E-stop.
  • Once the door is closed, a confirmation signal is sent.
  • Door commands are ignored anytime the spindle is running.
  • The doors are easy to install, and the installation can usually be handled by the end user.

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