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Midaco Chip Fan inside Machining CenterRegular maintenance of your CNC machine is essential to your business’s productivity and investment. One of the most important aspects of CNC machine maintenance is the consistent chip removal and coolant cleaning during production to avoid damage to equipment and lowered product quality.

More than just a basic Chip Fan, our innovative line of Midaco cleaning fans for machine tools is a powerful addition to complement any CNC machine and eliminate the need to halt production for machine clearing and cleaning tasks. Built to last with durable, U.S. 4140 steel and glass fiber reinforced nylon, chip fan tools are a faster, safer alternative to other chip clearing mechanisms.

Superior Chip Fan and Coolant Cleaning Products from Midaco

Midaco chip fan blowing chips and coolant in machining center

One common issue that manufacturers share is the clearing away of chips during dry machining, a problem that has historically been solved with the use of conventional air clearing methods such as air guns and chip blowers. Midaco chip clearing fan tools offer a more efficient way to clear debris from tables and surfaces during production without compromising labor and machine time.

Coolant clearing doesn’t need to pause production with the Midaco Fan. Ongoing or timed blowers use the power of air to direct coolant away based on programmed automation – saving time in enclosed machine centers.

Midaco chip fan blowing chips and coolant in machining centerDesigned for use with computer numerical control (CNC) tools, CNC chip blower products can be integrated right into your company’s machines for smooth automation into the tool magazine. As the last step in the production process, the chip fan is rotated into position within the magazine to clear the debris. The machine tool chip fan’s blades rotate at 5,000-8,000 RPM or 6,000-12,000 RPM (depending on chip fan size) max speeds to remove debris automatically, eliminating the need for the operator to halt production intermittently to maintain the machine by hand.


Midaco CNC Chip Fan 2 sizes


  • Shank with weldon flat: U.S. 4140 steel, 0.75" (19.05mm) dia.
  • Dia. w/ Closed Blades: 2.7" (68.58mm)

2 Sizes Available:

  • Blade Length: 2.5" (63.5mm)
  • Dia. w/ Open Blades: 6.3" (160mm)
  • Operating Speed: 6,000 to 12,000 RPM
  • Blade Length: 4.5" (114mm)
  • Dia. w/ Open Blades: 10" (254mm)
  • Operating Speed: 5,000 to 8,000 RPM

To be used in ENCLOSED machine ONLY!

Midaco CNC Chip fan shown open

Faster, More Streamlined Production with a CNC Chip Fan

Midaco Fan products eliminate the need to pause production for maintenance. Other essential benefits of chip fan for CNC products include:

  • Safer production and less risk of injury to personnel
  • High-speed coolant cleaning fan
  • Easy Integration into CNC Machinery for Complete Automation
  • Long-Term, Durable Investment as a High-Quality Machine Tool Chip Fan
  • Smooth, Low-Volume Functionality for a Quieter Work Environment

Midaco Fans: Our CNC Chip Blowers and Coolant Cleaning Fans

Since 1969, Midaco has been a leading manufacturer of pallet changers, automatic door systems, robot access doors, trunnion systems and other high-quality products, such as chip removal fan tools, designed for more efficiency in the workplace. Our mission is to provide our global customers with the world’s best and most innovative technologies—with state-of-the-art products that increase productivity, improve safety standards, lower costs, and enhance profits.

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