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Boosting production isn’t always about adding a new machine or hiring more people. Sometimes it’s simply about making the most of the machines you already have. Adding a trunnion system is one way that Bloomington manufacturers can increase output and boost profitability.

Since 1969, MIDACO has provided manufacturing companies with products that help them stay competitive in a global market. Our pallet changers and other automation solutions are used around the globe, as well as right here in Bloomington. Whether you run a small operation or the biggest one in town, adding a trunnion system to your automatic pallet changer can help you maximize production.

Bloomington Trunnion System for 4th-Axis Machining

Dealing with downtime between loads can be frustrating, but the ability to shave even a few seconds off of each task can make a big difference to your bottom line. Our trunnion system for 4th-axis machining is an automatic pallet changer add-on that can help with that. It is important to note that MIDACO products are for machines with stationary guarding and some machinery may require some modifications.

trunnion system from MIDACO will:

  • Rotate 360° to allow the operator to use both sides
  • Provide the benefits of a horizontal on a vertical
  • Allow machining on up to five sides of the part
  • Only require one rotary indexer to operate two trunnion systems
  • Not require the hassle of cable management
  • Offer increased versatility in workholding options with the addition of a vertical rotary faceplate

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