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In some parts of the country, manufacturing operations are on the rise. That’s good news for the industry, but it also means more competition. In order to stay on top, Indianapolis manufacturers have to find ways to minimize downtime and boost productivity. MIDACO has been helping manufacturers all over the world do just that since 1969.

Our automation solutions are continually evolving and adapting to suit the changing needs of the industry. We work with some of the largest operations in the world, yet we can also effectively assist small shops as well. Automatic doors are one example of a simple CNC equipment add-on that can have a big impact on your overall productivity.

Automatic Door Openers for CNC Equipment in Indianapolis

If you’re running turning centers, vertical machining centers, CNC grinders, or other CNC equipment, our automatic doors systems can greatly enhance their efficiency. This machine tool automation add-on will also improve the operator experience by eliminating repetitive-motion tasks and enhancing ergonomics.

MIDACO’s automatic door systems for CNC equipment offer a long list of benefits and exclusive features, including:

  • Available in single door and double doors configurations and sizes from 18” to 96”
  • Ideal for robotic applications
  • Equipped with a Smart System that interfaces with machine’s control
  • Able to run in manual or automatic mode
  • Designed to reverse automatically if there is an obstruction
  • Convenient reset button to recover from an E-stop
  • Easy to install by the end user or distributor

Request a Free Consultation for Automatic Door Systems in Indianapolis

Why continue to operate at a low capacity when a cost-effective change like adding automatic doors to your CNC equipment can boost the bottom line of your Indianapolis manufacturing process? To take advantage of the opportunity to enhance efficiency and profitability in your facility, contact MIDACO to speak with of our experienced engineers. You can give us a call or fill out our online form today to request your free price quote and consultation.

Customer Testimonials

Our customers benefit from the automation and ease-of-use that MIDACO pallet systems incorporate into their machine centers. The enhanced efficiencies and dramatically reduced spindle idle time has boosted productivity by more than 50%. See for yourself with the latest testimonials from MIDACO customers.

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