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Midaco Manual Pallet Changer mounted in front of VMC in a machine shop

MIDACO’s manual pallet changer systems are the key to unlocking the full production potential of your vertical machining center whether you have a large factory or minimal shop floor space. Regardless of your industry’s niche or specific machining application, a manual pallet changer can significantly increase productivity without additional operator input.

As a leader in manufacturing efficiency since 1969, MIDACO has worked with thousands of businesses to achieve significant savings on job time, operator labor, and spindle downtime—resulting in growing profits year over year. With our manual pallet changer systems, operators can easily change pallets in seconds.

Selection of Manual Pallet Changer Systems and Options

We can retrofit a manual pallet changer system onto nearly any type of machine, with various systems and designs available:

  • Micro Pallet Systems™ with Manual Lift-Off
  • Pneumatic Lift-Off Systems
  • Front-Load Shuttle Pallet Systems
  • “Receiver and Pallets Only” Systems

Benefits of a MIDACO Manual Pallet Changer System

Midaco manual Pallet Changer with extended bridge on VMC in machine shop

Whichever type of MIDACO manual pallet changer is best for your individual machining centers, you can rest assured that you’re getting advanced technology that’s proven to perform. Our manual pallet changer systems are QC tested across 250,000+ pallet changes before being ever being released to market.

With your manual pallet changer, you can expect:

  • Retrofit Compatibility with Nearly Any Brand of Machine Center
  • Up to 2,000+ Pound Capacity
  • Adjustable Legs for Access to Chip/Coolant Drawers
  • Minimized Spindle Downtime for Consistently High Production Levels
  • Increased Operator and Machine Productivity
  • Hardened and Ground Locating Bushings
  • MIDACO’s Patented “Dual Air Blast” at Each Contact Point
  • Multiple Safety Interlocks and Dual-Palm Button System
  • Easily Paused Job Cycles for JIT Production
  • Quick Pallet Exchange with +/- .0001" (.0025 mm) Repeatability

Optional Add-ons for Manual Pallet Changer Systems

In addition to the base system, we’d be happy to work with you to customize your MIDACO manual pallet changer system. Just a few of the additional features available include:

  • Side-by-Side Shuttle or Pallet Transfer Cart to Assist with Heavy Loads
  • Custom Cast Iron, T-Slotted, or Tapped Hole Pallets for Ease of Use
  • Pallet Transfer Bridge and/or Rail Extensions (Which May Be Required Based on Your VMC Control Panel Location)
  • Factory Extended Warranties That Cover 100% Parts Replacement

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