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Since 1969, MIDACO has been an industry leader in developing products to help manufacturers save time and boost their bottom line. Whether your Sheboygan manufacturing operation is large or small, our pallet changers and add-ons, such as a trunnion system, can help to eliminate downtime and keep your business competitive in today’s global market.

Trunnion System for 4th-Axis Machining in Sheboygan

Investing in your business requires careful thought and planning. Not every investment is a smart one, but the purchase of a trunnion system for 4-axis machining starts to pay you back immediately in the form of increased productivity. Benefits of this automatic pallet changer add-on include:

  • An option to expand the machine’s capabilities by adding a vertical rotary faceplate.
  • The ability to rotate 360° allowing use of both sides.
  • Operation of two trunnions on a single rotary indexer.
  • Ability to machine up to five sides of the part.
  • Easy installation with new or existing equipment.

Another benefit to our products is that they help to eliminate some of the most repetitive tasks of the manufacturing process—providing a more ergonomic working environment and reducing employee stress injuries.

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