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When it comes to manufacturing productivity—for both the operators and the machines themselves—every single second counts. Sheboygan manufacturers can save valuable time in the manufacturing process while also enhancing output with the state-of-the-art automatic door systems available from MIDACO. Easily fitted to nearly any machining center, turning center, or other machinery, our automatic doors are a cost-effective way to make the most of your manufacturing equipment.

Single and Double Automatic Door Systems With Built-In Safety Reverse

Whether you need a single door or double doors, MIDACO offers a variety of designs for automatic door openers for CNC equipment. Ideal for robotic applications and available in sizes that range from 18” to 96”, we deliver automatic doors that are designed to the needs of your facility.

At MIDACO, our automatic door systems provide a number of benefits that:

  • Eliminate manual door moving tasks to save operators’ time
  • Improve ergonomics and allow for tighter machine configurations
  • Interface directly with the machine’s control center via the “Smart System”
  • Operate in both automatic and manual mode options
  • Reverse automatically if met with an obstruction, preventing both injury and accidental parts damage
  • Include the controller interface cable for hassle-free installation and use

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Like every machine tool automation add-on that we offer at MIDACO, our automatic door systems have been designed for the utmost quality and excellence. To help you make the most of your CNC equipment, we have experienced engineers on staff to advise you on the most effective configuration for your specific application.

Simply contact MIDACO today to find out how automatic doors can streamline the production process of your Sheboygan manufacturing facility. Just give us a call or fill out our brief online form now to request a free consultation and cost estimate.