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When you are concerned about cutting down on production time by improving the efficiency of your operation, then you'll want to invest in MIDACO automatic door systems for your CNC equipment. Our single- and dual-door systems are ideal for machining centers, turning centers, and robotic applications, allowing workers to focus on another step in the process to reduce cycle time.

Since 1969, MIDACO has been offering high-quality automation solutions for Madison manufacturers and production facilities around the world, and our automatic door systems come with many high-tech features that will ensure they add impressive value to your facility.

Automatic Door Openers for CNC Equipment in Madison

Repetitive operator tasks can lead to reduced output, decreased efficiency, and an increase in work-related injuries, and MIDACO’s automatic door openers for CNC equipment can help to eliminate these common concerns in the workplace.  Designed to be incorporated in new equipment or to be retrofitted to your existing CNC machinery, our automatic doors come with features and benefits that include:

  • The option for a single door, double doors, or robot loaders.
  • A safety sensor that reverses the door when an obstruction is met.
  • Smart System interfacing with the machine’s control.
  • Manual and automatic mode options.
  • Sizes that range from 18” up to 96”.
  • Convenient reset button to recover from an E-stop.
  • Easy installation by the end user or distributor.

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Start improving production speed by tackling the simplest processes first! Automated door systems added to your CNC equipment can speed production time and efficiency in your Madison manufacturing facility. Give MIDACO a call to get a free price estimate on our products. You can also fill out our quick contact form to have us reach out to you about any of our manufacturing systems.