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Efficiency in production is the key to a successful manufacturing operation in Columbus, and pallet changers have the ability to speed up your processes, increase safety, and improve overall quality control for your business.

As a leader in providing innovative solutions for manufacturers around the world, MIDACO will work with you to design an automatic or manual pallet changer system that integrates seamlessly with the needs of your operation.

Innovative Pallet Changer Systems for Columbus Manufacturing

Every manufacturer has their own unique requirements when it comes to enhancing the performance of their application, and our pallet changer systems deliver a superior solution that saves you money in the long run. By offering both new and refurbished machines that are guaranteed to offer high-performance capabilities, MIDACO carries an impressive selection of products that include:

  • Automatic Pallet Changers: Designed for facilities that need full automation and the capability to handle single pallets, dual pallets, and multi-pallets, automatic pallet changers are a game-changer in efficient manufacturing.
  • Manual Changers: Built to be a cost-effective alternative to automatic systems, manual pallet changers speed up the production process and take up minimal floor space in your facility.
  • Automatic Door Systems: Increase the efficiency, automation, and safety of your CNC equipment with single- and double-door systems that accommodate a range of sizes and machines.
  • Trunnion Systems: Trunnion systems offer the benefits of a horizontal on a vertical for your machining center equipped with an automatic pallet changer—allowing for machining on five sides of a part without the need for cable management.

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