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At MIDACO, we’ve been in the business of perfecting state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions since 1969. As a result, we’ve been able to help manufacturers all over the world to improve operations and increase profits. Over time, we have established our position as an acknowledged leader in all aspects of manufacturing innovations.

The products that we offer for manufacturing facilities in Columbus are no exception, and our automatic door systems are the ideal machine tool automation add-on for improving efficiency, productivity, and safety in your operation.

Benefits of Our Automatic Door Systems for Columbus CNC Equipment

Throughout the decades, we have seen countless manufacturers realize impressive benefits and a healthier bottom line with the addition of affordable automatic door systems. Our automatic doors reduce or eliminate the extra time and energy needed to open and close doors manually.

Our automatic door openers for CNC equipment can easily be fitted on to machining centers, turning centers, CNC grinders, and other systems with either a single door design or high-efficiency double doors. Competitively priced and requiring minimal time for installation, you will immediately start to enjoy advantages such as:

  • Improved ergonomics with the reduction or elimination of manual door moving tasks.
  • “Smart System” interfaces seamlessly with machine’s controls.
  • Preventative safety measures such as obstruction-triggered door reversal and gradual return to motion after emergency stops.
  • Easy installation with standard supplied hardware.
  • Sizes that range from 18” to 96”.
  • Ideal match for robotic applications.

Learn More About Enhancing Your Columbus Facility With Automatic Door Systems

Are you looking for innovative and proven strategies for boosting your operations—along with your profits? If so, look no further! You can speak with the experts at MIDACO to find out more about the benefits that our automatic door systems bring to the table, or we can get back to you and arrange for your complimentary quote after you take a few seconds to fill out our online form.