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In the state of Ohio, manufacturing is flourishing. More than 687,000 workers, or 12.5% of the workforce, hold jobs in manufacturing. The economy enjoys an annual $49 billion infusion thanks to the export of manufactured goods, with small businesses producing 89% of exports. When these Ohio manufacturers are looking for ways to boost output, they turn to MIDACO.

Since 1969, we’ve been the global leader in manufacturing productivity solutions. Our innovative products can boost the output of your CNC machining centers by minimizing downtime between loads. You need an edge to stay competitive in a thriving market—and we’ve been providing that edge to manufacturers around the world for nearly 50 years.

Productivity Solutions for Ohio Manufacturers

From international pallet changers that meet worldwide regulations for CE systems to pallet changers for small, local shops, MIDACO is committed to providing innovative products that help our customers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and productivity. We offer:

  • Automatic Pallet Changers: Our dual pallet changers and multi-pallet changers will greatly reduce downtime between loads on vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, and large bridge milling machines.
  • Manual Pallet Changers: If you want the benefits of a high-quality pallet changer with a smaller upfront investment, consider a manual pallet changer from MIDACO.
  • Automatic Door Systems: Pallet changers add-ons, like our automatic door systems, further improve efficiency and can reduce repetitive stress injuries.
  • Trunnion Systems: For machining of a part on up to five sides, you can turn your vertical machining center into a horizontal—without the need for cable management!
  • Metal Grinder Guard Systems: Our grinder guards will fit all pedestal and bench grinders and provide important protection for workers.  

Proudly Serving Manufacturers throughout Ohio

Whether your run a small shop or the largest operation in the state, MIDACO is here to help you stay competitive and improve profitability. We serve cities throughout Ohio, including:

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MIDACO is ready to help you take your productivity to the next level through the addition of pallet changers and add-ons that increase the overall efficiency of your Ohio manufacturing application.

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