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Cincinnati is a city that boasts the fastest-growing Midwestern economic capital, and the manufacturing industry plays a vital role in the overall evolution and sustainability of the region. At MIDACO, we help to improve the production and efficiency of local manufacturers throughout the area and around the world by offering innovative pallet changers that provide long-term value and incredible performance.

High-Efficiency Pallet Changer Systems With Automatic & Manual Operation

Ideal for a wide range of applications and built for seamless integration, our pallet changer systems offer a highly efficient way to improve the productivity of your manufacturing operation. With new and refurbished products that handle everything from multi-pallets to dual pallets or single pallets, we can assist you with finding the right system for your unique process.

As a global leader in manufacturing since 1969, MIDACO offers a full selection of pallet changer products and add-ons that include:

  • Automatic Pallet Changers: Our automatic pallet changers increase the productivity of your process by reducing downtime and operator error.
  • Manual Pallet Changers: Manual pallet changers are the ideal solution when you need a space-saving design that adds efficiency to the manufacturing process.
  • Automatic Door Systems: By adding single or double automatic doors to your CNC equipment, you improve operator experience and help to streamline production.
  • Trunnion Systems: A 4th-axis trunnion system allows for versatile machining on five sides of the part—cutting down on the production timeline without the need for cable management.

Get Started By Contacting Us for More Information on Cincinnati Pallet Changers

With the innovative pallet changers and machine tool automation add-ons offered by MIDACO, there is unlimited potential for streamlining your manufacturing process in Cincinnati. To learn more about upgrading your current machinery or getting a new pallet changer system for your operation, give us a call today. You can also request a free price quote and consultation now by filling out our simple, online form.