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Since 1969, MIDACO has provided manufacturing solutions to minimize downtime, maximize output, and increase the bottom line of local manufacturers. Our Davenport pallet changers and add-ons help manufacturers who run small or large operations by keeping them competitive in an ever-changing environment.

Our state-of-the-art pallet changers, innovative systems, and worldwide network of distributors have propelled us forward as an industry leader, providing much needed assistance to manufacturers across the globe.

Manual and Automatic Pallet Changer Systems

How much time do you think is wasted in set-up and downtime between loads? Our automatic pallet changers can reduce that time, resulting in greater output. It’s easy to see exactly how much our pallet changer systems can boost your bottom line by using our simple online Payback Calculator. Once you see the numbers in black and white, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in an automatic or manual pallet changer sooner.

MIDACO has solutions for any type of operation, and our knowledgeable distributors are happy to discuss their many benefits including:

  • Improved Safety: Loading the workpieces outside the machine reduces the risk of injury and creates a more ergonomic working environment.
  • Increased Operator Productivity: With less downtime between loads, each operator will produce greater output.
  • Enhanced Safety: In the case of an emergency, the job can be quickly and easily interrupted.
  • Seamless Interchange: It’s simple to change pallets between the various machines in your operation.
  • Greater Versatility: Our new and refurbished pallet changers are available in single pallet, dual pallet, and multi-pallet designs.

Innovative Add-Ons for Pallet Changers on Your CNC Equipment

Make a smart investment in your business and enjoy an upgrade to your operation by enhancing your automatic pallet changer with add-ons from MIDACO. We offer equipment that can be used in pallet changers, vertical machining centers, turning centers, and more, including:

  • Automatic Door Systems: Improve ergonomics and create a better working environment with automatic door openers in a wide range of sizes and designs.
  • Trunnion Systems: Enhance the 4th-axis productivity of your pallet changer with a trunnion system that requires no cable management.

Request a Free Consultation for Davenport Pallet Changers Today

Any investment that can increase production is a smart investment in the manufacturing industry, and MIDACO offers the solutions that you need to enhance the efficiency of your operation. Contact us today to learn more about our pallet changers and other Iowa manufacturing solutions. You can also fill out our simple online form to request a consultation and free price estimate from a distributor near you.