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Staying on top of the ever-changing manufacturing industry means always looking for ways to maximize output and minimize downtime. At MIDACO, we help manufacturers around the world to tighten up their processes and get the best possible results from their CNC equipment.

If your Davenport manufacturing plant is looking for solutions, MIDACO can help. Since 1969, we have been the trusted choice around the globe. Our automatic door systems and other products have helped thousands of manufacturers stay competitive and boost profitability, and we can do the same for you.

Automatic Door Openers for CNC Equipment in Davenport

The addition of automatic door systems is a smart investment as an innovative add-on for CNC equipment, including VMC machining centers, turning centers, or CNC grinders. With the ability to integrate fully with new machinery or your existing machines, our automatic door systems provide a streamlined solution for improving productivity and safety in the workplace.

Available in single door, double door, and robot loader options, automatic door systems come in sizes ranging from 18” to 96”, so there is an option to suit virtually any machine. The simple installation can be completed by the end user or the distributor, and this machine tool automation add-on provides many impressive features and benefits including:

  • A Smart System that interfaces with the machine’s controls.
  • Ability to work with either manual or robotic applications.
  • An automatic stop feature that halts the doors if there is an obstruction.
  • Ability to reduce repetitive stress injuries.
  • An included interface cable.

Request Information About Automatic Doors for Your Davenport Manufacturing Operation

How much could you increase profitability by shaving a few seconds off of each machining task with the addition of automatic door systems? Find out by contacting MIDACO today to set up an on-site consultation and free cost estimate with a distributor near your Iowa manufacturing facility. Just give us a call or fill out our simple online form now to get started.