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To stay competitive in the global manufacturing market, you need an edge. Since 1969, MIDACO has provided that edge with our innovative products that boost productivity. We are the industry leaders in manufacturing efficiency solutions, and we’ve helped businesses all over the world maximize their profitability—including Rockford manufacturers.

Our automatic door systems are one of the solutions that can make a big difference to your bottom line by minimizing downtime between loads and allowing you to get the best performance from your machines and your operators.

Automatic Door Openers for CNC Equipment in Rockford

Whether you run a huge shop 24 hours a day or you have a small plant that specializes in short runs, our automatic door systems can give your production a boost. Our automatic door openers for CNC equipment, including machining centers, turning centers, and robotic applications, can be easily interfaced with virtually any brand of machinery on the market.

Sizes range from 18” to 96”, and we offer configurations in single door styles or double doors, so there are options to suit your needs. Benefits of this machine tool automation add-on include:

  • Smart System interfaces with the machine’s controls
  • Can be used with manual or robotic applications
  • Ability to run in manual or automatic mode
  • Doors will stop automatically if an obstruction is detected
  • Reduces the need for door-related repetitive tasks
  • Easy installation can be completed by distributor or end user
  • Controller interface cable is included

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