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Your Chicago manufacturing company isn’t just competing with others who are close by—you are competing in a global market. That means it’s important to gain an advantage any way you can, and that’s where MIDACO comes in.

Since 1969, we’ve been the industry leaders in manufacturing productivity solutions. Our products help you decrease downtime and boost output—resulting in better efficiency and greater profitability. Chicago manufacturers can benefit from machine tool automation add-ons, such as our automatic door systems, that will streamline your processes and give you the edge you need.

Chicago Automatic Door Openers for CNC Equipment

Our automatic doors systems aren’t just for large shops; they can also benefit smaller shops pushing out short runs. This add-on improves the performance of a wide range of CNC equipment, including vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, turning centers, CNC grinders, and robotic applications. The can also be paired with a MIDACO pallet changer for even greater efficiency.

Our products come in both single door and double doors, with sizes ranging from 18” to 96”. Benefits and features of our automatic door systems include:

  • Smart System interfaces with the machine’s controls
  • Works with both robotic or manual applications
  • Can run in manual or automatic mode
  • Automatic stop upon detection of an obstruction
  • Improves ergonomics by reducing door-related repetitive tasks
  • Doors are easily installed by the distributor or end user
  • Only standard shop air is needed for installation
  • Controller interface cable is included

Learn More About Our Innovative Automatic Door Systems in Chicago

Start getting the best possible output from your machinery with the automatic door systems and other Illinois manufacturing solutions offered by MIDACO. To learn more about the wide selection of products that we offer, we invite you to give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced specialists. You can also fill out our online form now to request an appointment for a free price quote and consultation.

Customer Testimonials

Our customers benefit from the automation and ease-of-use that MIDACO pallet systems incorporate into their machine centers. The enhanced efficiencies and dramatically reduced spindle idle time has boosted productivity by more than 50%. See for yourself with the latest testimonials from MIDACO customers.

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