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Exports make up nearly 27% of employment in Illinois—and the industry shows no signs of slowing. With so much competition, both at home and abroad, it’s important for Decatur manufacturers to take steps to retain their edge by maximizing productivity. Since 1969, MIDACO has been the global leader in manufacturing production solutions.

MIDACO’s innovative products shore-up weaknesses in your processes, so you can realize a decrease in downtime and attain maximum output potential. In addition to our pallet changers, we also offer high-quality add-on’s, like automatic door systems. Ideal for machining centers, turning centers, and robotic applications, automatic doors offer many benefits to help ensure your facility remains an important part of the Illinois manufacturing industry.

Automatic Door Openers for CNC Equipment

If you’ve already invested in CNC machines, it makes sense to take steps to ensure you get the best possible output from your investment. Our automatic door systems are a machine tool automation add-on that offers a list of benefits and features that make it a smart addition to your shop:

  • Reverses automatically when met with an obstruction
  • Reduces door-related repetitive tasks and cycle time
  • Available in single- and double-door styles ranging from 18” to 96”
  • Offers both manual and automatic mode options
  • Comes with the required interface cable
  • Can be easily installed by the end user or distributor

Learn More About the Decatur Automatic Door Systems We Offer Today

Improving efficiency and production throughout every step of your manufacturing process is a top priority for any facility in Decatur, and the automatic door systems from MIDACO can help to ensure that your application reaches its full potential. Contact us to learn more about how our innovative solutions can keep your Illinois manufacturing facility running smoothly! Just give us a call today or fill out our online form to request a free price estimate and consultation with a distributor near you.