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As a leading provider of innovative products for manufacturing facilities, MIDACO strives to maintain superior service and quality. We are always developing our systems, pushing them further to improve production, safety, and speed. For manufacturers in Decatur, our pallet changers are among the single most beneficial add-on component to your machining center.

These systems, along with our other products, allow you to maintain a consistent level of production, and we offer a wide selection of systems for streamlining your manufacturing operation, including:

  • Manual Pallet Changers
  • Automatic Pallet Changers
  • Trunnion Systems
  • Automatic Door Systems

Affordable Manual Pallet Changers

Facilities that have larger components to work on or require workers to make adjustments or a visual inspection of pieces between milling may prefer manual pallet changers. Designed to be space-saving and efficient, our manual pallet changers allow for streamlined interchanges within your operation, and they are available with custom-design options that include solutions for rotary pallets and special application machinery.

Multi-Tasking Automatic Pallet Changers

For the ultimate in manufacturing efficiency in Decatur, automatic pallet changers take a step out of the repetitive production process to allow for increased productivity in the workplace. By eliminating the need for workers to manually load and unload pallets, automatic pallet changers improve efficiency and provide a safer working environment. Our pallet changer systems can be completely integrated with your existing machinery, and MIDACO offers multiple types of systems, including those that provide solutions for dual pallets and multi-pallet needs in busy production lines.

Efficient Trunnion Systems

Improve efficiency by installing a 4th-axis trunnion system on your automatic pallet changers! This compact system by MIDACO allows Decatur manufacturers to machine up to five sides of the part, both horizontally and vertically, without the need for cable management. As an add-on, the trunnion system is developed for all MIDACO automatic pallet changers and can also retrofit onto pre-existing, refurbished pallet changers.

Durable Automatic Door Systems

Keep production lines safe and improve efficiency with a single or double automatic door system for your CNC machinery. These “Smart System” doors can be interfaced with the machine controls for easy use and automation. Ideal for robotic applications, automatic door systems eliminate the need for manual opening and closing of machine tool doors—shortening cycle time and providing a safer, more efficient work environment for your operators.

Learn More About the Decatur Pallet Changers that We Offer Today

Manufacturing is a process that requires speed, efficiency, and superior quality, and the pallet changers and add-on systems from MIDACO are the ideal solutions for boosting productivity and streamlining your industrial process. Learn more about the selection of new and refurbished Decatur pallet changers and other products that we offer by calling us or filling out our quick contact form today. One of our representatives will reach out to you as soon as possible to set-up a free estimate and consultation.