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Manufacturing parts via a CNC machine is an efficient process that many Chicago companies rely on. Yet, it can be frustrating or expensive to deal with the challenges of horizontal machining needs in a vertical set-up. With a trunnion system from MIDACO, manufacturers can improve their processes by easily adding that 4th axis. This system is tailor-made for our automatic pallet changers, and it can even be installed on a new system or retrofitted to an existing pallet changer.

Chicago Trunnion System for 4th-Axis Machining

Our trunnion system for 4th-axis machining allows manufacturers to mill up to five sides of a part without the need for downtime in-between. The two trunnions in each system fit neatly onto the pallets of each automated pallet changer, and only one rotary indexer is required to operate both trunnions.

There is no need for a slowdown in work as this automatic pallet changer add-on adjusts the position of each component while inside the machine. You'll enjoy improved productivity, less effort on the part of workers, and the ability to produce more complex components.

MIDACO offers highly durable trunnion systems that come with several amenities and features, such as:

  • No cable management needed!
  • Ability to seamlessly turn your vertical machining center into a horizontal.
  • Easy integration with a wide range of MIDACO automatic pallet changers.
  • Optional Vertical Rotary Faceplate (VRF) for greater versatility and workholding options.

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