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Hydraulic Docking System for Automated Fixture and Vise Clamping on Automatic Pallet Changers

Midaco Hydraulic Docking System attached to yellow vices on an aluminum rectangle pallet on the surface of an Automatic Pallet Changer. Upper right shows a detail image of Automatic Pallet Changer with Cobot robot arm moving parts on the pallet.

With the Hydraulic Docking System on a MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changer, fixtures and vises are automatically clamped and unclamped on the pallet and sent into the machining center WITHOUT HOSES.

An ideal workholding solution for unattended robot/cobot applications

Enhance your productivity even further with MIDACO's Robot Arm Mount available for A30SD & A40SD & AS50SD Automatic Pallet Changers.

When new parts are put onto the pallet, the Hydraulic Docking System locks fixtures or vises into place and the pallet enters the machining center without the need for hose management.

Clamping fixtures or vises will STAY CHARGED on the pallet WITHOUT HOSES while in the machining center.

No Hose Management Required

Operator removing parts from vices on Midaco Hydraulic Docking Station on Midaco Automatic Pallet ChangerWhen a pallet comes out of the machining center, it locks back into the Hydraulic Docking Station and automatically releases fixtures or vises allowing parts to be quickly replaced.


  • Hydraulic clamping WITHOUT HOSES
  • Hydraulic power unit provides 3000 PSI at 1 GPM
  • 2HP 230/460 3-PH motor
  • 4 ports in, 4 ports out
  • Quick disconnect system
  • Automated clamping through the Pallet Changer control panel

Midaco Hydraulic Docking System on pallet changer moving into the machine toolNote: fixtures and vices not included. This Hydraulic Docking System is an accessory for single shuttle Automatic Pallet Changers. Configuration at an additional cost may be required for Automatic Pallet Changers with “Dual” Shuttles.

Cobot Arm changing parts onto Midaco Pallet Changer with Hydraulic Docking System

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