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Combine Robots/Cobots with a MIDACO to Maximize Machining Time

Critical labor shortages call for creative automation ideas such as adding collaborative robots to increase unattended machining. Take your machining to the next level with a variety of MIDACO's “Robot Ready” solutions that take the complexity out of automated CNC machine tending.

Why Automate?

When you invest a considerable amount of money in a milling or turning center, it should be spending every moment possible making chips. Why set up a robot to load parts one by one directly onto your vertical machine tool table for several minutes and lose valuable cutting time?

Even a simple 10-15 second delay caused by the cobot adjusting its position to open and close a CNC door in between cycles and readjusting again to reach the part can lead to a significant amount of machining down time over the course of a high production job. Lost time means lost money.

Keep the spindle running

Imagine how much idle time would accumulate from a 15-30 second delay per cycle, per machine, per shift over the course of a fiscal quarter. The goal is to make as many parts as possible in the shortest amount of time and get them out the door.

Automating the machining center with a "Robot Ready" Pallet Changer or MIDACO's AutoDoor System (a Universal Robots UR+ Certified product with UR Cap) combined with a Robot/Cobot helps achieve that goal while reducing wear on the cobot by eliminating unnecessary repetitive tasks and improving ergonomics for a human operator, as well.

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Customer Testimonials

Our customers benefit from the automation and ease-of-use that MIDACO pallet systems incorporate into their machine centers. The enhanced efficiencies and dramatically reduced spindle idle time has boosted productivity by more than 50%. See for yourself with the latest testimonials from MIDACO customers.

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