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Top Image Midaco Automatic Pallet Changer with UR Cobot and Hydraulic Docking System. Bottom Image VMC with Midaco AutoDoor Opener and UR Cobot

Automation Made Simple

Solution 1. A40SD "Robot/Cobot Ready" Automatic Pallet Changer Package 

MIDACO has put together a “Robot/Cobot Ready" Automatic Pallet Changer package to take the complexity out of automated CNC machine tending and part loading. For job shops today experiencing challenges in finding labor, it’s a definite way to go.

This Automatic Pallet Changer is equipped with a "Robot/Cobot Ready" Modification to mount your Cobot directly onto the shuttle allowing the Cobot to load parts onto the pallet from side carts or a conveyor on either side of the machine while the VMC spindle is cutting, creating hours of unattended machining time. 

The included Hydraulic Docking System allows the robot to load parts into automated workholding, which clamp and remain charged throughout the cutting process, eliminating the need for cable management.  

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Package Includes:

  • A4020SD Automatic Pallet Changer (40”x19” pallets) 
  • A40SDCRMK Robot Ready Modification (does not include robot
  • HDS3000 Hydraulic Vise Docking System (does not include vises) 
Other packages available in pallet sizes for XY travel ranging from  22"x15" (558mm x 381mm) up to 64"x31" (1626mm x 787mm). MIDACO requires robot/cobot specifications prior to this customized Automatic Pallet Changer order.

Use your own robot/cobot and hydraulic workholding or contact MIDACO for these additional options:

  • UR Cobot (does not include end of arm tooling or programming of robot.)
  • Hydraulic 6" Double Station Vises
  • Loading Carts
  • 3-sided Light Curtain Guarding 

Solution 2. "Robot/Cobot Ready" AutoDoor for UR Cobots

MIDACO’s AutoDoor Opener System has been certified by Universal Robots as a UR+ Product, which will automatically open and close doors on CNC machining centers, allowing the UR Cobot to load and unload parts more efficiently. 

AutoDoor Openers are built specifically for your CNC and include mounting hardware and the UR Cap to simplify the interfacing task. Reduce wear on your Cobot and minimize idle machining time by eliminating the need for the Cobot to handle doors in between cycles.

Sizes starting at 18"-24" for Single Door Opener up to 126" Double Door Opener.
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