“We built this facility in 2004 and have out grown it already. The beautiful thing about this machine with the pallet changer is we can put two DM-1’s with Midaco pallet changers in the place of one of our VF-4’s and get twice the production out of these two machines face to face. That’s the great thing about it…

…We’re running cycle times about 25% to 30% faster than a 5 vice set up in the VF-4 verses two pallets on this Midaco with the DM-1 without having to flip the parts. All the vice work is done externally out of the machine. Great time saver."
Machine: Midaco ADM-1SD on a Haas DM-1, February 2016

- Bob Vilagi, Jr., President
VTD Systems, Inc. Elyria OH