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MIDACO Teams Up with Abplanalp to Offer Pallet Changers in the Baltic States

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We are excited to announce a notable milestone in CNC productivity enhancement across Europe as Midaco joins forces with Abplanalp in the Baltic States revolutionizing manufacturing processes in Estonia, Latvia, and Lietuva (Lithuania).

This groundbreaking partnership underscores our unwavering dedication to delivering innovative solutions that elevate efficiency and performance in the CNC industry. Machine shops in the Baltic territory can now anticipate unparalleled advancements tailored to meet their evolving needs, marking a new era of productivity and success in the region's manufacturing landscape.

Keep Your CNC Machine Spindle Running

Machinist loading part onto MIDACO Manual Pallet Changer with Automatic Pallet in Background

Established in 1969, MIDACO stands as a pioneering force in CNC automation solutions, revolutionizing manufacturing practices for over half a century and is renowned for:

Midaco Automatic 4-Pallet Changer Pallet Pool on Haas VMC in Machine shop

MIDACO empowers machine shops to enhance productivity and eliminate idle time. With a commitment to innovation, our products optimize efficiency across various machining centers.

Our mission—"Keep Your Spindle Running"—encapsulates our dedication to saving manufacturers money and enabling competitive quoting.

Light Curtain Guarding

All models of the Automatic Pallet Changer System are available with a Light Curtain package. With 3-sided guarding via a light emitter, mirrors and sensors, a pallet change will not occur if the invisible light beams surrounding the shuttle system are breached.

3 views of Midaco pallet changer with CE Light Curtain

Dual Shuttle Systems for VMCs, Bridge Mills and Machines which Do Not Move in Y-Axis

Midaco Single Dual Pallet Changer with CE Light Curtain mounted on both sides of a large vertical machining center

In recent years we’ve expanded our line of pallet changers to accommodate the need for large precision parts machined to tight tolerances for the aerospace, energy, automotive, military, power generation, oil and gas industries. These jobs cause significant spindle downtime due to the long and involved process of heavy, large part change over.

When combined with crane loading, first article inspection and job interruption tasks, the machining center can be idle for 30 minutes... an hour... two hours? Your large Vertical Bridge Mill or Double Column Machining Center can be idle up to 70% of the time. MIDACO Single/Dual Automatic Pallet Changer Systems are ideal for machining centers which do not move in Y-axis, allow for the long part changer over process to be carried out while the machine is cutting.

Commitment to Quality

Midaco Robot Access Door on HAAS UMC

With a legacy of innovation and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, MIDACO Corporation stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of CNC automation. By joining forces with Abplanalp in the Baltic States, we are poised to deliver machine tending products that will revolutionize CNC productivity.

Excellence in Machining

At MIDACO, the commitment to providing and top-notch customer service aligns seamlessly with Abplanalp’s values. Together, we aim to ensure that our customers receive support tailored to their specific needs.

Midaco AutoDoor Opener on Haas Turning Center with robot machine tending

This collaboration marks a significant step in our journey towards transforming the manufacturing landscape in Estonia, Latvia, and Lietuva (Lithuania). As we unveil this exciting chapter, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of CNC productivity in these vibrant regions.

For more information about MIDACO products in Europe, don't hesitate to reach out to the dedicated representatives at Abplanalp. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter, more efficient future in manufacturing.

Find your region's Abplanalp branch location

Abplanalp Baltic SIA Latvia: +371 264 23 211
Abplanalp Engineering UAB Lietuva (Lithuania): +370 (5) 2375404
Abplanalp Estee OÜ Estonia: +372 566 866 53

With additional Abplanalp dealerships located in Poland, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, MIDACO Pallet Changer availability extends far beyond the Baltic States, solidifying our dedication to excellence across Europe.

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