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For manufacturers in Rochester, time equals money. When it's possible to shave even a few seconds off the production of each component, most companies will take that option. Reduce the amount of time for 4th-axis machining with the installation of a MIDACO trunnion system.

Since 1969, we've provided cost-effective manufacturing solutions for operations in Rochester and around the globe. Our efficient, straightforward trunnion system is the perfect add-on for your automatic pallet changers.

Trunnion System for 4th-Axis Machining in Rochester

While many CNC machines can quickly mill raw material into useful components, some require additional assistance to get the material into the correct positions for work. Our trunnion system for 4th-axis machining allows machines to easily mill up to five sides of the part. This system also fits neatly onto a two-pallet changer, which only increases this unit's versatility with a time-saving function.

If you are considering this automatic pallet changer add-on, you'll find that it comes with multiple features and benefits for Rochester companies:

  • The 4th axis assembly remains inside the CNC machine, so there is no cable management required.
  • Each system comes with two trunnions and a single rotary indexer assembly capable of operating both.
  • Several trunnion system series are available for existing and brand new automatic pallet changers.
  • Use a vertical rotary faceplate to increase the versatility of CNC milling on different sides.

Learn More About Our Rochester Trunnion Systems!

Manufacturers in Rochester may be surprised to find just how efficient the machining process can become with the improvements provided by MIDACO. We offer multiple add-ons that allow you to tailor your manufacturing processes to suit your needs, including innovative trunnion systems. Find out more about our pallet changers and add-ons by calling one of our representatives. You can also fill out our easy online form to request a quote on any of our systems.