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For more than four decades, MIDACO has provided automatic pallet changers and other machining equipment for manufacturing companies. Our products improve speed and reduce effort for workers, giving your team improved adaptability and efficiency. Semi-truck manufacturing can benefit from any of our systems that fit seamlessly into your CNC machining processes. For instance, our automatic pallet changers integrate into truck manufacturing systems with two M-functions. We also build pallet changers that can hold up to 8,000 lbs. (3636kg) or more in weight. Our systems also come with an optional CE enclosure to help you meet international standards.

Pallet Changers for Truck Manufacturing

Manufacturers need to pay extra attention to the precise milling and lathing of parts for the trucking industry. To help your machining centers remain within tolerances, our automatic pallet changers can exchange pallets with only a +/-.0001" (.0025 mm) deviation. Our systems are compact, with the Servo Drive assembly connecting to the pallet coupler inside the CNC machining center. It quickly removes the completed component while sliding the next loaded pallet into the machine at the same time.

Whether you opt for automatic or manual pallet changers, you'll find that these systems come with many of the same benefits, including:

  • Dedicated Pallets for Tooling to Reduce Set Up Time
  • Easy Loading of Large/Heavy Materials
  • Increased Productivity of Workers & Machines
  • Extremely Reliable Mitsubishi Controls
  • Pallet Changers Allow Easy Transfer of Pallets
  • Quickly Stop Jobs in an Emergency

Learn More About Our Truck Manufacturing Equipment!

From pallet changers to automatic door openers, MIDACO offers a selection of machining equipment that improves the production process across many industries. Maintain a sleek, cutting-edge facility for all of your truck manufacturing projects with help from our team. Give us a phone call to learn more about our products. Or, you can fill out our quick contact form to request a price estimate on any of our systems.