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Food manufacturing facilities must meet strict quality control standards in order to guarantee the safety of the products produced. Like all manufacturing companies, they must also keep a close eye on their bottom line by continually improving their systems to increase efficiency and lower overhead costs.

At Midaco, we deliver high-quality pallet changer systems and other modern machining additions to Con Agra manufacturing operations and food processing facilities around the globe. Since 1969, we’ve set the standard for superior quality and impressive innovation when it comes to manufacturing efficiency, and we work with each of our customers to find the ideal solutions to meet the unique needs of their application. 

Quality Pallet Changers for Food Manufacturers Around the World

Midaco is committed to assisting manufacturers in the food industry with simplifying and streamlining their operations—ensuring enhanced productivity and a superior product output. We offer both manual pallet changers and automatic pallet changers that reduce overhead during the production process, and all of our machines can be designed to integrate with your existing machining centers. CE enclosures are available to meet international standards as well, in keeping with our goal of providing worldwide manufacturing solutions.

When considering the addition of pallet changers to your CNC machining equipment, you can feel confident knowing that Midaco systems offer:         

  • Mitsubishi controls for superior operation
  • Reduced set-up time on repeat jobs by dedicating tooling onto pallets
  • Effortless loading of large/heavy workpieces outside the machine
  • Dual Air Blast at each contact pad for chip removal
  • Full integration with CNC machines by using two M-Functions
  • Up to 8000+ lbs. (3636 kg) capacity
  • Easy interchange of pallets between machines or departments
  • Seamless emergency interruption capabilities

Learn More About Our High-Quality Food Manufacturing Systems

The food industry drives more manufacturing operations around the world than almost any other, and Midaco is the global leader in delivering superior efficiency solutions to increase the productivity of your operation. Learn more about the products and customized options that we offer by giving our team a call today, or get started now by filling out our online quote form to request your free, no-obligation estimate.