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The high demand for today’s consumer electronics drives the need for your manufacturing facility to maintain consistently high levels of production output. In turn, the human operators and machines so vital to your electronics manufacturing facility are required to work at a pace and under conditions that can exact a heavy toll. In an effort to make manufacturing companies more efficient, Midaco has developed an innovative machine that can reduce strain and speed up operations. With our game-changing pallet changers, you can quickly see an improvement in your consumer electronics manufacturing process.

International Pallet Changers for Increased Productivity

Midaco offers several different types of pallet changers to optimize the efficiency of your machining centers. However, you don’t have to be concerned about purchasing the wrong option because we work closely with you to find the add-ons and system that works best for your needs. Whether you choose our automatic pallet changers or manual pallet changers, your  CNC machining process will become noticeably more efficient in the following ways:

  • Reduced set up time on repeat jobs by dedicating tooling onto pallets
  • Load, unload, inspect parts and set up jobs while alternate pallet is in the machine
  • Pallets easily interchanged between machines or departments
  • Quickly exchange pallets with a +/- .0001” (.0025 mm) repeatability
  • Patented “Dual Air Blast” blows air up through and across the contact pads for chip removal
  • Standard plain cast aluminum pallets offer extreme versatility
  • Up to 8000+ lbs. (3636 kg) capacity

In order to address the needs of our global clients engaged in consumer electronics manufacturing, we offer a variety of solutions for international customers. In fact, we have CE enclosures available to meet international standards to accommodate manufacturers around the world.

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