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In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is crucial that you are staying ahead of competitors. MIDACO manufactures state-of-the-art pallet changers that will not only help you save on manufacturing time, but it will also allow your machine operator more valuable time for quality control. Retrofit to any new or existing aerospace cnc machining center, you can guarantee that MIDACO is the OEM you can rely on.

Each of our products undergoes quality control testing with over 250,000 pallet changes before we bring it to market. In your facility, it will serve to reduce set up time on repeat jobs by dedicating tooling onto pallets. Your professionals will be able to easily load heavy and large workpieces outside the machine, interchange pallets between machines or departments, and load, unload, and inspect part and set up jobs while alternate pallet is in the machine.

Machining Center Pallet Changer for Aerospace Manufacturing

No matter whether you are searching for an automatic pallet changer or you need a CE pallet changer, certified for international use, Midaco has developed the perfect solution for your aerospace manufacturing business. The standard system of a pallet changer includes:

  • A Cast Iron Receive with Airblast for Chip Removal
  • 2 Plain Cast Aluminum Pallets
  • A End Mounted Shuttle
  • A Custom-Fitted, Automatic Door
  • A High-Visibility Indicator Lamp
  • Pallet Clamp Confirmation

With pallet changes competed in seconds, your manufacturing facility will see dramatic increases in productivity. We promise our equipment is not only extremely efficient and durable, but it is also the most user-friendly product on the market.

Contact MIDACO today to find out more about how an automatic pallet system can offer you exceptional productivity savings.