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Critical labor shortages call for creative automation solutions such as adding collaborative robots to increase unattended machining. But why set up a robot to load parts one by one directly onto your vertical machine tool table and lose valuable cutting time? Instead, your robot can load a pallet full of parts on a MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changer while the CNC machine is cutting. Read full article in Modern Machine Shop.

MIDACO 'Robot Ready" Automatic Pallet Changer with Cobot and Hydraulic Docking System

Two Forms of Machining Automation Are Better Than One

MIDACO's Automatic Pallet Changers revolutionized efficiency in part loading on vertical machining centers. Collaborative robots, known as Cobots, revolutionized efficiency by reducing the amount of time bodies are needed on the production floor. By combining these two forms of machine tool automation, a cobot mounted directly onto the MIDACO shuttle can load parts onto the pallet outside the VMC while the spindle is cutting, helping shops maximize unattended machining time.

Midaco Hydraulic Docking System on Automatic Pallet Changer entering VMC

Taking automation a step further… MIDACO’s Hydraulic Docking System allows for the robot to load parts into automated workholding, which clamp and remain charged throughout the cutting process, eliminating the need for cable management. Upon completion, the vices open as the pallet docks into place, allowing the robot to remove the finished parts and reload new parts to be machined as the cycle repeats.

VMC Automation Made Simple

Midaco Automatic Pallet Changer with Cobot loading parts into Hydraulic Docking System

MIDACO has put this “Robot Ready” package together to take the complexity out of automated part loading and machining. For job shops today experiencing challenges in finding labor, it’s a definite way to go. All of this combines to make a system that provides more bang for your buck.

Take advantage of price discounts offered with a “Robot Ready” package set-up vs purchasing individually.

A40SD "Robot Ready" Automatic Pallet Changer Package includes:

  • A4020SD Automatic Pallet Changer (40”x19” pallets)
  • A40SDCRMK Robot Ready Modification* (does not include robot)
  • HDS3000 Hydraulic Docking System (does not include vises)
Other packages available in pallet sizes ranging from 22"x15" (558mm x 381mm) up to 64"x31" (1626mm x 787mm)
*MIDACO requires robot/cobot specifications prior to this customized Automatic Pallet Changer order.

Use your own robot/cobot and hydraulic workholding or contact MIDACO for these additional options:

  • UR Cobot (does not include end of arm tooling or programming of robot.)
  • Hydraulic 6" Double Station Vises
  • Loading Carts
  • 3-sided Light Curtain Guarding

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