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Maximizing the productivity of your operation is a top priority in the manufacturing industry, and MIDACO is a global leader in providing quality solutions to businesses in Switzerland and beyond. With an automatic pallet changer built for high-performance and superior quality, you’ll minimize downtime, increase efficiency, and protect your bottom line.

High-Quality Automatic Pallet Changer Machines in Switzerland

MIDACO is committed to providing only the best in top-of-the-line pallet changer machines to simplify the manufacturing process, and our products are designed to integrate easily as a CNC add-on. Built to be both user-friendly and highly efficient, our products are tested to exceed industry standards and ensure lasting value for your operation.

When choosing a MIDACO pallet changer in Switzerland, you’ll be receiving exclusive benefits and features that set our products apart from other machines in the industry:

  • Reduce set-up time on repeat jobs by dedicating tooling onto pallets
  • Up to 3636 kg (8000+ lbs.) Capacity
  • Hardened and ground locating pins for +/- .0001” (.0025 mm) repeatability
  • Load, unload, inspect parts and set up jobs while alternate pallet is in the machine
  • Dual air blast at each contact pad
  • Standard cast aluminum pallets offer extreme versatility
  • Equipped with Mitsubishi controls

Learn More About Our Switzerland Automatic Pallet Changer Solutions

When investing in a pallet changer for manufacturing needs, you need to know that you are getting quality and value that increases the performance of your company. MIDACO stands behind the exceptional quality of all the products we offer, and we invite to contact us today by phone or through our online form to discuss your business’s needs.