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Founded in 1969, MIDACO is the leading providing of time-saving, manufacturing solutions. For more than five decades, we’ve used our innovative solutions to help businesses across the globe maximize their manufacturing productivity while improving the quality of their goods.

At MIDACO, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your manufacturing needs. With products ranging from various size pallet changers to numerous accessories, our goal is to help you reduce set up time on repeat jobs. Our automatic pallet changers meet international standards and provide your Austria manufacturing facility the solution it needs.

Austria Manufacturing Pallet Changer

All of MIDACO’s pallet changers can be fully integrated with new and existing machines for a total manufacturing solution. While the alternate pallet is on the machine, the operator is able to set up the next pallet – enabling them to work on other machines and maximize their time. Our international pallet changers are designed to be user-friendly and can be programmed for pallet acceleration and deceleration according to the needs of your Austria machining center.

Our pallet changers for manufacturing offer numerous benefits to companies looking to maximize quality and production of their goods. Some of these great benefits include:

  • Load, unload, inspect parts and set up jobs with alternate pallet in machine
  • Lift heavy/large workpieces with ease
  • Increase machine and operator productivity
  • Exchange pallet in seconds
  • Equipped with Mitsubishi controls

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MIDACO wants to help your Austria manufacturing center improve your productivity and overall quality. That’s why we are committed to providing superior pallet changers that will give your business the solution it needs. To learn more about our Austria pallet changers and CNC add-on, give us a call or complete the online request form and we will contact you.