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In a world of increasing competition from manufacturing irms all around the world, productivity is more important than ever to the success of your business. To gain a solid edge over your local and global competitors, consider the state-of-the-art dual automatic pallet changers of MIDACO—an industry leader in time- and labor-saving manufacturing solutions since 1969.

Automatic Dual Pallet Changers for Machining Centers 

Similar to a standard aluminum pallet changer with an automatic door system, MIDACO’s dual automatic pallet changers are designed to reduce spindle downtime and increase labor productivity. With two separate shuttle units (one mounted on each side of your Vertical Machining Center), our dual automatic pallet changers allow for four pallets of parts to be milled automatically and unattended by the machine operator—compared to the two pallets of a standard aluminum pallet changer. While two of the four pallets are being machined simultaneously, the other two can be unloaded and reloaded for the next operation, doubling the efficiency and operating capacity of a regular auto pallet changer.

Benefits of MIDACO’s dual automatic pallet changers include:

  • Compatibility with nearly any VMC brand
  • Improved process and cost efficiency with simultaneous 4-pallet capability
  • Minimized spindle downtime for consistently high production levels
  • Increased operator and pneumatic machine productivity
  • Easily paused job cycles for JIT production
  • Quick pallet exchange with a +/- .0001" (.0025 mm) repeatability

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