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The manufacturing industry is in a state of flux, and after decades of struggle, manufacturing is making a comeback in many areas around the country. While that’s good news, it also means that Springfield manufacturers have to work hard to remain competitive both locally and globally.

Since 1969, MIDACO has been the industry leader in offering manufacturing productivity systems. Our pallet changers and other products help to maximize output and boost the bottom line of operations in Springfield and around the world. Whether your output is massive or you work on small loads, we’ll help you keep the spindle running with cost-effective and highly efficient solutions.

Pallet Changer Systems and Add-Ons for Springfield Manufacturing

Automatic and manual pallet changers can be a game changer for many manufacturing plants. Decreasing downtime between loads and minimizing set up times can save significant time over the course of a day—resulting in greater profitability. Our manual and automatic pallet changers provide many features and benefits that make them a worthwhile investment, including:

  • Heavy/large workpieces can be loaded outside the machine
  • Less downtime means increased machine and operator productivity
  • Features a dual air blast at each contact pad
  • Pallet changer systems are equipped with Mitsubishi controls
  • Operators can easily interrupt job in the event of an emergency
  • Easily interchange pallets between machines or departments
  • Pallet changers can be used with single pallets, dual pallets, and multi-pallets.
  • Exchange pallet in seconds with a +/- .0001’ (.0025 mm) repeatability

Choose from new or refurbished pallet changers when working with the team at MIDACO, along with innovative add-ons that include:

  • Automatic Door Systems: Reduce repetitive door-related tasks and further enhance productivity with a MIDACO automatic door system for your CNC equipment.
  • Trunnion Systems: Maximize 4th-axis productivity and get the benefit of a horizontal on a vertical with a trunnion system that doesn’t require cable management.

Learn More About Our Pallet Changers for Springfield Manufacturing Facilities

Contact the professionals at MIDACO to learn more about the products that can help your Springfield business keep an edge in the manufacturing industry. Call us today or fill out our brief online form now to request a free consultation and price estimate with a distributor near you.