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Kansas City manufacturers are at the center of a dynamic industry that is built on innovation, and finding efficient ways to streamline the production process is a top priority for local industrial companies.

At MIDACO, we provide you with the machine tool automation add-ons and equipment you need to get the most out of your application, and our automatic door systems are designed for customized performance and improved safety in the work place. Whether you choose a single- or double-door design, your manufacturing process will see a boost of productivity with the exceptional benefits offered by our premium automatic doors.

Automatic Single and Double Doors for CNC Equipment in Kansas City

As an innovative machine tool automation add-on, the automatic doors produced by MIDACO are engineered for performance, reliability, and incredible efficiency in manufacturing applications. Designed to interface with your existing equipment and provide the increased operator safety and production that you’re looking for, all of our automatic door openers for CNC equipment offer a superior solution to common industrial concerns.

When investing in automatic door systems for your machining centers, turning centers, CNC grinders, and other equipment, you can be confident knowing that our products are built to offer:

  • Easy Installation: With a Smart System interface, our automatic doors can be installed using standard hardware for an effortless process.
  • Customized Design: We offer single-door designs and double doors in sizes from 18” to 96”, and you can choose from both manual and automatic operation.
  • Innovative Technology: Ideal for robotic applications, our automatic door systems provide seamless operation that enhances the efficiency of your application.
  • Superior Quality: All of the products created by MIDACO are built for long-term performance and guaranteed durability to handle your manufacturing needs.

Discover More About Our Kansas City Automatic Door Systems Today

Every investment that you make in your manufacturing facility needs to offer benefits that increase your bottom line and enhance the performance of your operation, and MIDACO’s automatic door systems offer that and more.

Get started by learning more about our products today by giving us a call, or request a free price quote now by filling out our online quote form.