live video demo

Stay safe and keep your business operations moving with real-time video demonstrations of our most in-demand products, including: Automatic Pallet Changer and AutoDoor Opener machines—live from the Midaco factory floor. Get the information you need from our machinery experts! As the country continues to deal with COVID-19, Midaco is working hard to keep our processes working for you. Stay safe and in compliance with your area’s social distancing guidelines—without letting your mission-critical machining needs fall behind—by scheduling a Live Demo, straight from our shop floor.

Live Demos for Automatic Pallet Changers and AutoDoor Openers

With live demonstrations, you not only see our pallet changers and automatic doors in action, just as if you were here on the floor with us, but also participate in the event. Our real-time, two-way video demo allows you to speak with the machine operator in order to focus on what interests you the most and get your questions answered during the demo.

Automatic Pallet Changers and AutoDoor Systems are set up and ready for on-demand demonstrations—available directly to you almost immediately.

Real-Time Consultations and Q&As for Other Machines

For machines that may not be available for on-demand demonstrations, our experts are still ready to meet with you for live, personal Q&A sessions by video chat. If you have any questions about a specific machine’s function, capability, or load, you can get expert answers from the comfort of your home or office.

Midaco’s product specialists would be happy to sit down and video chat with you about any and all of our machines, including:

  • Automatic Pallet Changers
  • Automatic Multi-Pallet Changers for 5 Axis Machining
  • Manual Pallet Changers (large shuttle systems and small "lift-off" by hand)
  • Trunnion Systems for 4th Axis Machining
  • Midaco CNC Chip Fans
  • Robot Access Doors for Robot/Cobot Applications
  • AutoDoor Systems for Mills and Lathes
  • CNC Industrial Vacuums
  • Grit-Grabber/Grinder-Guard Systems

On top of live Q&A, we can also assist you through additional resources including equipment flyers and specs sheets, PowerPoint presentations, applicable YouTube videos, and previously recorded open house demos.

Common FAQs We Can Answer by Video Chat

You may already know that Midaco pallet changers and CNC add-ons are known to boost productivity by as much as 60%—making them a high-value investment during this time of unparalleled uncertainty for so many industries around the world. But what don’t you know about our equipment and the productivity benefits they can bring to your factory? Just ask!

We encourage you to ask your Midaco representative any questions you might have! Given the unique stresses brought about by the current pandemic, we frequently address questions and topics like these:

  • How to Maintain (or Even Increase) Productivity with Limited Machine Operator Staff
  • How to Regain Lost Profits Through Optimized Machining Components
  • Individual Pricing and Spec Sheets for New Machinery

Our specific recommendations vary since every machining center is different, but that’s exactly why we offer personal, one-on-one video consultations. We’ll listen to your concerns and work together with you to find solutions for your business in this trying time.

Get the Machinery Information and Answers You Need

While Expos and Open Houses are temporarily shuttered, you can still get all of the key information you need: product specs, feature comparisons, brand highlights, pricing options, and more. No matter what kind of information you’re looking for, Midaco’s industry professionals would be happy to provide it to you.

Schedule your Live Demo for Midaco Automatic Pallet Changers and AutoDoor Openers today! You can stay healthy and safe while keeping your business on track. To request your Live Video Demonstration from a Midaco expert, fill out our live video demo intake form or call us at (847) 558-6720.