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Midaco Live Demo Pallet Changer Systems on Machining Centers on machine shop floor

MIDACO Your Process to Get the Most Out of Your Machinery

In support of our customers and in keeping with current social distancing guidelines we are available to schedule a Live Video Demo of MIDACO products.

Learn about the benefits of adding a MIDACO unit to your machining process from the safety and comfort of your own space. A member of our team will walk through our own manufacturing floor and demonstrate how our efficiency solutions will increase productivity in any machine shop.

With limited staff and rotating schedules, a machine shop can still remain productive.

An Automatic Pallet Changer on a New or Existing machining center will allow an operator to run several machines at once. Parts can be shuttled into the machine tool automatically while the operator sets up multiple VMCs or tends to other tasks. Then the operator can remove the completed parts from one pallet WHILE the other pallet is in the machine.

Combined with our other products, improving your machining process with a MIDACO Pallet Changer is your solution to increased productivity on each of your machining centers regaining lost time and lost profits.

We will be able to answer your questions and interact live to provide the best solution for your specific application. Contact us to schedule your LIVE Video Demo today by filling out the intake form or call us directly at (847) 558-6720.

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