Machinist changing parts on a Midaco Pallet Changer High Mix Low Volume machining center job

High mix low volume production is not a problem when changing set-ups outside the VMC while it's making chips.

Get 50%-60% More Productivity out of your Exisiting VMC!

You’ve invested in top-of-the-line machinery and your machine shop is cranking out parts to meet your customers’ demands. Your machining center is a heavy duty, metal cutting beast and it was built to work for YOU! 1st shift, 2nd shift, you may even have a 3rd shift running, or you’d like to have “lights out” production. Your VMC needs to accommodate a high mix of low volume (HMLV) job runs without wasting time on part change over. With a MIDACO Pallet System you can change parts OUTSIDE of your machine, swap out pallets in seconds and Keep Your Spindle Running!

A MIDACO Pallet Changer is Your Solution for Efficient High Mix Low Volume Job Runs

coolant spray on parts being machined in VMC

For a job shop to increase productivity without incurring unnecessary cost it needs to gain more value from its EXISTING machinery. Whether you're running a large production job or multiple programs, DON'T LET THE SPINDLE SIT IDLE. Change parts WHILE your machine is cutting. Idle time on your machining center can cost HOURS of revenue over one week. Imagine how much is lost in a month or a year in production idle time. Adding a MIDACO Pallet Changer to your existing machine will increase productivity by 50-60% or more, helping you get the most out of your machine tool investment. Explore how a MIDACO Pallet Changer System can increase your overall gains with this convenient Payback Calculator.

Midaco Pallet Changer with parts on pallets

Load parts onto the Pallet Changer externally while your machining center is cutting. MIDACO's shuttle system is integrated with your VMC’s control panel to automatically switch pallets onto a receiver mounted directly to the machine table. You can attend to other tasks as the pallet changer switches out the next batch of parts in seconds, virtually eliminating your spindle idle time. Return to your machine to load the next batch of parts WHILE your VMC is working for YOU! 

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Automatic and Manual Pallet Changers along with AutoDoor Systems, Robot Access Doors, Trunnion Systems other machine tool accessories will help you get the MOST out of your VMC, HMC, Large Bridge Mill, Drill/Tap, EDM or other machinery. Keep your machine shop at the peak of its productivity. MIDACO has automation solutions to make your machinery work for YOU!

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Your VMC can do MORE with MIDACO!

MIDACO offers a full line of Automation Solutions to fit your Machining Centers

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