In the world of industrial automation you need to stay competitive.

2 sizes of Midaco Automatic pallet changers standing side by side

Manufacturers are continually searching for better, faster, cost effective ways to produce their products. Mike Munao of MIDACO Corporation speaks with Manufacturing News at IMTS 2018 in Chicago describing the benefits of adding productivity accessories on machining centers in the video clip below.

Pairing a Vertical Machining Center (CNC mill) or Turning Center (CNC lathe) with MIDACO’s automation solutions will enable a manufacturer to take their new or existing machine to the next level. Overcome production demands with tools that will decrease the machine’s idle time while freeing up the operator to focus on other tasks that require their knowledge and skill.

"The idea is to keep the machine spindle running."

Pallet Changer showing one aluminum pallet in the VMC and one ouside on the shuttle

Increase performance during a regular shift or during lights-out manufacturing with only a skeleton crew maintaining the production. Mounting parts onto pallets outside of the machine tool while other parts are being machined reduces wasted time and cost of part change over which forces the machine to be idle. Once the parts inside are complete, the pallet changer automatically switches the pallets in seconds and the next batch is ready to go. Boost productivity and get more parts out the door. Fast!

"Double the realestate of your machine tool."

3 images of automatic and manual pallet changes mounted on VMCs

Automatic Pallet Changers can be mounted on either the left or right side of the machine tool and easily integrate via M-Codes. They are available in a range of pallet sizes for any make and model VMC and large Bridge Mills. Combining a pallet changer with an Automatic Door System or a Cobot to assist with loading parts reduces operator time spent on repetitive tasks and improves ergonomics. Manual Systems are also available for a tighter shop floor footprint and are suitable for pallet loads manageable by hand.


- Automatic A40SD standard pallet changer with 1 shuttle and 2 aluminum pallets on Okuma Genos M560V.

- Automatic A160SD Single Dual pallet changer (left side mount shown) with 2 shuttles, 2 aluminum pallets and Light Curtain Guarding option on HMG bridge mill.

- Manual M30FL standard shuttle and 2 aluminum pallets on Samsung MCV50.

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