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Industrial Vacuums for CNC Machining Coolant, Oil and Chips 

Decrease CNC machine downtime and reduce maintenance and oil replacement cost due to CNC clean up. MIDACO’s Industrial Vacuum Systems are designed to meet the extraction and recovery needs for coolant, oils, and emulsions with efficient filtration of metal chips. Allows for easy disposal or quick reintegration of filtered lubricant/coolant.

  • Material enters chamber “cyclone” and loses speed falling into the container.
  • Filter stops the oily steam generated in the vacuum.
  • Liquid is drawn into the 26.4 gal. (100L) container.
  • A safety float stops the vacuum when the container is full.
  • An external level indicator shows liquid level in the container.
  • 1” (25.4mm) valve at base for fast efficient draining of liquid from the container or quick reintegration back into the machine tool (depending on vacuum model).