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Automatic Pallet Pools for 5-Axis Machining Centers

Automatic Multi Pallet Changer arm placing round pallet on 5 axis machining center table

Manufacturers around the world understand that a key to remaining competitive in a global economy is to decrease downtime and increase productivity. MIDACO provides solutions that do just that. Particularly with Aerospace and Defense manufacturing becoming more competitive, making the machining process more efficient will reduce the cost per man hour per piece which helps manufacturers compete with lower cost labor countries. Automatic Pallet Changer multi pallet pools for 5-Axis Machining Centers will improve efficiency on new and existing 5-Axis VMCs. Using multiple pallets, these pallet changer systems are ideal for running parts in a "lights out situation". Our pallet changers exceed international standards with CE compliant guarding so they can be used anywhere in the world.

Making machining more efficient reduces the cost per man hour per piece which helps manufacturers compete with lower cost labor countries.

Metal parts on a pallet changer conveyor moving parts into a 5 axis machining center

Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer

The Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer (AMPC) has 19 round aluminum pallets 10" in diameter, enabling the machine to run unattended. With the pallet pool contained within the shuttle, the pallets are rotated along the pallet track and transferred into the machine tool. With a pallet weight capacity of 75 lbs (34.5kg) ea, the operator can schedule 19 of the same parts or program 19 separate jobs to run while they attend to other tasks or close up for the night. 

Machine shop operator wearing blue shop shit and navy colored pants with pink shop rag in back pocket standing to the left along a train of pallet carts with a row of round aluminum pallets on the cart top loading pallets onto Automatic Pallet Cart Changer for 5-Axis Milling

Automatic Pallet Changer with Pallet Carts

The Automatic Pallet Changer with Pallet Carts (APCC15) utilizes MIDACO's exclusive Pallet-Cart system (patent pending) allowing for unobstructed part loading on an interlocked train cart which moves back and forth through the shuttle. With a weight capacity of 150 lbs (68 kg) per pallet, each cart holds two (2) pallets and connects to additional* carts with T-pins providing continuous part transfer into the machine tool for "lights-out" production. Use this pallet changer shuttle system with one pallet cart for a quick 2-pallet transfer or add more carts for increased automated part loading. 
*Total number of carts able to be connected depends on the combined weight of parts on each pallet.

Benefits of MIDACO's Automatic Pallet Pools for 5-Axis Mills include:

  • "Lights Out" 5-Axis machining.
  • Increased operator productivity.
  • More efficient machining process.
  • Pallets easily interchange between machines or departments.
  • Exchange pallet in seconds with a +/- .0001" (.0025 mm) repeatability meeting the standard for complex parts with tight tolerances. 

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Large 5 axis machining center with pallet changer mounted on its right side

Midaco Automatic Pallet Changer for 5-Axis mill

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