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Item# APCC15
$65,900.00 USD
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Automatic Pallet Changer "Pallet Pool" for 5-Axis Mills starting at $59,900

MIDACO Automatic Pallet-Cart Changer 3 qtr view

Work NON-STOP on 5-Axis Machining Centers with MIDACO's Automatic Pallet-Cart Changer pallet pool. This automated pallet system allows for uninterrupted pallet transfer with an interlocked train cart* (patent pending) moving back and forth through the shuttle. 

Provides a longer walk-away time while loading/unloading a hefty 150 lb (68 kg) part weight capacity per each individual 15" (381mm) diameter pallet. Cast iron receiver mounted directly to the machine table assures +/- 0.0001" (0.0025mm) repeatability.

Use just one cart for a quick 2-pallet transfer or load a train of carts and go “lights-out”.

One caret with 2 round aluminum pallets in Midaco Automatic pallet changer machine shuttle

Can be used with just one pallet cart for a quick 2-pallet transfer or can be expanded by using multiple carts* depending on your production needs. Each cart holds two (2) pallets and connects to additional carts with T-pins allowing for continuous part transfer into the machine tool. The operator can load a train of carts* to run while they attend to other tasks or go "lights-out".

Hefty 150 lb (68kg) part weight capacity PER PALLET.

CNC operator in blue work pants and blue machine shop uniform pushing wheeled pallet cart with 2 round aluminum pallets into Midaco Automatic Pallet Changer shuttle

Productivity Features:

Midaco Pallet Changer with 10 round aluminum pallets loaded onto carts

  • Easily load and unload pallets onto carts without obstruction.
  • Interlocked pallet carts are mobilized through the shuttle system on casters allowing the shuttle arm to continuously feed pallets into the 5-Axis machining center. 
  • Once a cart is pushed through the other side, the operator can easily load new pallets and change parts while the spindle is cutting.
  • A completed pallet cart can be removed by unlocking the T-pins and rolled to a different location or to the opposite end of the train to keep production going.
  • Depending on programming, after the full “pallet cart train” passes through the shuttle, the process repeats sending carts back in the opposite direction. 

Midaco Pallet Cart front view with blue M logo on middle of rectangular shaped grey cart with 4 legs on casters, black top woth 2 round aluminum pallets set side by side on white background


  • 15” (381mm) dia. cast aluminum pallets.
  • 150 lb (68kg) capacity per pallet.
  • Cast iron receiver does not require air.
  • +/- .0001" (.0025 mm) repeatability.
  • Automated access door retrofit to the machining center.
  • PLC is fully integrated with the machine.

Automatic Pallet Changer System with Carts  includes:

1 – APCC15 Shuttle and Automatic Door (retrofit to the machining center)

1 – Cast Iron Receiver Base, 150 lb. (68 kg) capacity

2 – 15” (381 mm) dia. x 1.25” (31.75 mm) thick Cast Aluminum Pallets

1 – Pallet Cart* with interlocking T-pins (holds 2 pallets) 

Light Curtain package with shuttle guarding via a light emitter, mirrors and sensor

Additional carts* and pallets sold separately

*number of connected carts moved through the shuttle will vary depending upon the weight of parts per pallet.

Operator wearing blue shirt and shop pants with oink rag in back pocket loading round aluminum pallets on to multiple carts

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