Pallet Changers for CNC Automation Bring Higher Volume Machining Customers

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – Established in 1997, Vo-Tech (Variable Operations Technologies Inc) identified a need to bring higher volume jobs into their shop as their business continued to grow. However, they soon discovered that to be competitive, they needed to add automation to their CNC machining process. This led to the addition of a pair of HAAS VF-4SS super speed vertical machining centers integrated with MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changers.

Machine shop factory with two vertical maching centers and Midaco automatic pallet changer machines an a stack of aluminum parts. Man standing operating one of the machines.

Adding a MIDACO pallet system on your VMC is a productivity game changer

Operations manager, Adam Furman, shares how the combination of HAAS VMCs with MIDACO pallet changers has been a game changer for Vo-Tech, “Since Vo-Tech started based off the nuclear industry we were used to doing small volume jobs. As we evolved into a job shop and started to look for more local clients, we saw that we were just receiving small volume orders. We became pretty good and efficient in doing those, but as the company grew over the years, we wanted to get into higher volume for the sake of being able to run the machine and measure how we’re doing. With small volume it’s difficult — you make one mistake and profit goes out the door. We saw with hiring more people, growing the company, being in a bigger facility we were in need for some higher volume type work."

Job shops stay competitive with MIDACO pallet changers

Midaco Automatic Pallet Changer on HAAS VF4SS in machine chop

Furman adds, "We started reaching out to those types of customers and built relationships with them; however, our pricing was not competitive because the equipment we had at that time wasn’t the right kind of equipment to compete with that high volume pricing. So we started looking into the pallet changers from MIDACO which enabled us to hit the target prices that we needed in order to serve that customer."

Combining MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changers with their HAAS VMCs enabled Vo-Tech to load a full table of parts outside of the machine tool while the machine finishes cutting, eliminating idle spindle time allowing them to compete for high volume orders and grow their company.

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