Customer testimonial from Duo CNC's President, Terrance Visser. 

Midaco AS502SD Automatic Pallet Changer on Haas VF4SS on machine shop floor

"The Automatic Midaco Pallet Changer was a great addition to Duo CNC Machining and seamlessly integrated with our our new Haas VF4 SS. The pallet changer has allowed us to run parts continuously, increase spindle time, and reduce delivery timelines to meet our customers requests. The Pallet Changer allows the machine to run one pallet in the Mill while we load, unload, and perform quality checks on identical pallets outside the machine, eliminating all unnecessary spindle downtime.

We are so proud of our team and their commitment to improve efficiencies and continue to not only implement modern technology but continue to find ways to improve our programs, design fixtures, and execute innovative programs for the purpose of pursuing excellence and better serving our customers. We want to thank the Midaco team as well as Haas and Thomas Skinner for their continued support and partnerships."

- Terrance Visser, President Duo CNC Machining Inc.

See the December 2021 issue of Modern Machine Shop for a feature story on the steps Duo CNC took to improve their efficiency and productivity. 

“The first process that Hartmann tackled, alongside Duo CNC’s lead programmer, Zvezdomir Milev, was investing in new machining automation equipment, including a Haas VF4 and MIDACO pallet changer. Both of these tools were immediately put to use on 5052 aluminum plates that the company had been machining two at a time. 

Hartmann and Milev decided to switch production of these parts to HAAS VF4 and pallet changer, immediately increasing spindle utilization with the ability to load additional parts while the machine was running. The switch also allowed milling and drilling operations to be performed on two pallets with the Haas rather than two machines that were manually loaded, a change that Hartmann estimates reduced overall cycle time by several minutes.”

Modern Machine Shop Online Full Article

Digital Edition PDF pg. 72-79

Duo CNC General Manager Helmut Hartmann and owner Terrance Visser discuss production on Duo CNC’s shop floor.  - image credit MMS

Duo CNC General Manager Helmut Hartmann and owner Terrance Visser discuss production on Duo CNC’s shop floor.  - image credit Duo CNC & MMS.

Duo CNC Machinist stacks plates on a Midaco Pallet Changer - image credit MMS

Duo CNC Machinist stacks plates on a Midaco Pallet Changer - image credit Duo CNC & MMS.

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